For a durable engrave of machine parts, industrial labels or other materials, Metec makes use of different techniques. To avoid miscommunications, Metec offers a free offer and proof for every opportunity.


Thanks to laser engraving, Metec can equip your machine parts, front-panels, pictograms and industrial labels with the desired logoís, numbers, instructions or other messages. Due to the use of contrast effect itís sufficient to limit the engravings to one colour. Thanks to the different grey-scales and shades, this techniques offers a high range of possibilities for Metec.

  • Because the engravings are inside the material you can count on maximal scratch-resistance.
  • Metec has the know-how to place precision engravings (to 600 dpi) in almost every kind of material in any shape: aluminum, glass, wood, synthetics, stainless steel, cork, leather, stone, ...
  • Besides industrial engravings other creative engravings are also a possibility: in glasses, mirrors,

Do you wish to equip an object with wear-resistant and durable overprint? Contact us. You can count on us for the right advice for all of your engravings.